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Plastic sorting machine / PET sorting machine / PET flakes color sorter machine

As a PET recycling plant ,i think you are looking for a color sorter capable of sorting the blue tinted flakes from the plain flakes.We provides automatic sorting solutions and equipment for plastic recyclers,processors and manufacturers,helping them make significant progress.

  • Description

 Sorting solutions for plastic recycling 

To sort the light blue and light green color PET out from transparent PET is very important for a PET recycling plant .Our plastic colour sorter machine can sort all different colors, transparents & untransparent, alluminum and other discolor contaminants. Good news : We have whole PET bottle sorting machine also which can sort the mixed colours PET bottle .We introduces advanced technologiese such as NIR,visible light,deep learning ,and UV light for the sorting of mixed plastic bottles,flakes,and pellets.

HT provides avariety of plastic sorting equipment,including LP series bottle sorting machine,V series plastic flake color sorter,I series polymer sorting machine, U series aging flake sorting machine and LG series pellet sorting machine.Among them,LP series bottle sorting equipment integrates cutting-edge deep learning and visible light technology,which can accurately detect and remove bottles with different color.In order to help you meet the challenges of the dynamic market landscape,our LP series plastic bottle sorting machine can be equipped with NIR technology,dual-vision UV technology or their combination to achieve color,shape,material,and aging plastic bottles in one machine.The compact design of the LP series allows seamless integration into new and exisiting plants.Featured as big throughput capacity and high accuracy,our V series color sorter is availabe for flakes color sorting.

As an iterative update,the V Pro series is more capable of sorting plastic bottle falkes with smallest color differences,meeting the requirements of extremely high purity.Combining NIR technology,high-precision multi-spectral infrared camera and long-life infrared light source,I series polymer sorting machine is mainly used for the separation of PET and non-PET (PVC/PP/PE/PMMA/ABS,etc.) flakes.With a single I*Pro machine,we can sort and differentiate a wide variety of plastics according to their color and material.With customized UV camera , E image processing technology,enerygy gathering identification system,Our U series sorting machine is sepcially used for the separation of aging flakes in the purification of high-quality PET bottle flakes.LG/LZ series granules sorting machine uses E image processing technology,shadowless recognition technology and micro-chromatic aberration algorithm,etc.,and has excellet performance in the identification of small defects and color differences .Based in China,serving the world.

We provide you with flexible,comprehensive and customized one-stop plastic sorting solutions.In the future,we will continue to lead technological innovation,maintain strict standards for product quality,and help the rapid development of the plastic recycling industry.

Parameter Table

Model Z1-64 Z2-128 Z2-192 Z4-256 Z5-320 Z6-384 Z7-448 Z10-640 Z12-768
Type 6SZM-64 6SZM-128 6SZM-192 6SZM-256 6SZM-320 6SZM-384 6SZM-448 6SZM-640 6SZM-768
Output(t/h) 0.5-1 1.5-4 3-6 5-10 6-10 7-12 8-15 13-24 18-30
Sorting Accuarcy(%) ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99 ≥99.99
Optimized Carryover (Bad:Good) ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1 ≥20:1
Weight (kg) 400 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1400 1600
Resolution(mm2) 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04
Power(kw) 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 4.0 4.5 6.0 8.0
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm) 1070*1650
Power Supply(V/Hz) 220/50

1. The above data is based on the 2% contamination, and real output depends on the material and its contamination.

2. If products update, no further notice. Please refer to the real machine.



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Frequently Asked Questions by Customers: 

1. How to use the machine? 

We will supply the Installation instructions and videos for guiding you how to set color sorter.   


2. How long about the guarantee period? 

Two years. And we supply lifelong software upgrade services for our customers.


3. Can you supply the air compressor, air tank and air filters?

Yes, we can provide above equipments, our standard offer includes color sorter machine with air compressor & air tank & air dryer & air filters.


4. Is oversea service available?

Yes, we will send engineer go abroad when you need it.


5.How to calculate Installation personnel cost?

On condition that customer requires to install, our company would like to send 1 engineer to guide for installation, then customer should to pay the cost, including transaction of engineer’s visa, transportation(air) for go abroad. and accommodation , local transportation and security when the engineer arrived.

6. If you have agent in our country?

We have agent in UK,New Zealand,Italy,Crotia,India, Guatemala,Finland,Malaysia,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Nigeria,Ukraine,Nicaragua etc. and we can provide after-sales service in your Country.

We have many installation cases and working videos.Please contact us freely if you need.

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